What is CADMAI

CADMAI is a relational CAD system, which has its main focus in the parametric 2D and 3D design. OpenCascade herby serves as the solid modeler basis.

  • Cadmai is completely associative, which means that not only crosshatching / dimensions are related to defined geometry but any other entities can be linked to each another
  • Beside the variance of shape also logical structures can be defined and cover even topological changes
  • By integrating dynamically generated dialogs the geometry can also be steered in the viewer module
  • The modification of the parameter can also be performed by external applications as spreadsheet analysis, databases, PDM systems or web pages, in which the viewer is embedded
  • An open, by configuration tables expandable export concept enables even the transfer of parametric to the destination systems
  • Cadmai consists of the following modules
    • The main application for creating relational models
    • The Viewer which can be steered remotely by external applications
    • The ActiveX / DotNet Control, which can be embedded in own applications and serves either as an integrated viewer or as an interactive CAD module
    • An windows API which enables CADMAI to run in native windows in an external application
    • A Object API which can be used as an independent geometry library
    • Batch modules which allows the usage of CADMAI batch processes and the control of loaded CADMAI models.
    • SOA modules which enable the usage of CADMAI in a service oriented environment