Download area of CADMAI

CADMAI (Version 4.8.0 ~84 MB)

  • Cadmai (CAD program for creating relational models)
  • Database module to enable database driven variational design
  • MS Internet Explorer enhancement for communication with Cadmai
  • Tool to export 2d Views and sections out of 3D solid models to 2D CAD systems via DXF
  • Viewer modules
    • common viewer
    • ActiveX control / Browser plugin
  • SOA modules
  • Export module for standard formats (IGES/STEP/DXF...)
  • Conversion program for exporting pixel data
  • Language module (german and english)
  • Online help (german and english)
  • API documentation
  • API and ActiveX control samples
  • Example files

Tutorial ( ~14 MB, also available as online presentations )

CADMAI may be distributed in all media exempt from charges