Pictures of CADMAI

  • Examples of the new Ribbon user interface ( dark, light, )
  • Example 1 the picture shows the classical CADMAI user interface with 3 opened models:
    • a 2D drawing
    • a modeled chair
    • the assembly of a planetary gear
  • Example 2 (assembly of a 4-cylinder engine (partial model))
  • Example 3 (assembly of a wankel engine (partial model)) chromed
  • Example 4 (ejector side of a injection mold)
  • Example 5 (a textured room (mask mapping) with a modeled table plus chairs)
  • Example 6 imported models from Unigraphics® and SolidWorks®
  • Example 7 (A bushing which is dimensioned in 3D and steered by a table)
  • Example 8 (An imported comic figure incl. texturing)

Web Samples

The following samples show the usage of the CADMAI Control in Web environments. The samples include

  • Model Viewing
  • URL linkage in 3D models
  • Table based model configuration
  • Parametric model changes by mouse interaction
  • Interactive assembling
  • ...

The start page for Web Controls can be found here

Shader Rendering

The following pictures show a 3D model, which is rendered with different OpenGL shaders


The following video clips contain animations which have been created with CADMAI


The following examples demonstrate the integration of the Cadmai Control in different third party applications