Where can CADMAI be used

The use of Cadmai can be summarized in four main areas:

  • Base module for own applications with CAD functionality
    • Parametric sketcher
    • Interactive 2D/3D CAD module incl. a solid modeller
  • Upstream modeller for applications, which base on CAD geometry
    • CAM systems
    • FEM systems
    • Simulation software
    • Rendering und presentation software
  • Downstream module for presenting and steering existing geometry or for generating CAD models
    • Product- configurator with internet access e.g. for field staff
      Database driven tool selection with dynamically created graphics e.g. for NC systems
    • Viewer and interface for table driven designs e.g. out of Excel®
    • Generation or steering of CAD models out of upstream applications like gear modules, configuration software or PDM systems (part information table)
    • Viewer for catalogue parts
    • Internet publishing tool
    • Presentation of products e.g. in connection with Word®, Powerpoint®, Director® or other applications with the possibility of building variants and an "intelligent" export
  • Independent 2D/3D CAD application
    • Cost-effective CAD modeler
    • Usage in the education and training area
    • As an OEM product with individual branding
    • A a CAD service in a SOA environment e.g. for design automation.